The Pink Retreat aka LillyCon

Hey beautiful people!  I wanted to share with you an awesome experience I had at “The Pink Retreat” in 2019.  For all you Lilly lovers, this is Lilly heaven!!!  Think 300 women dressed head to toe Lilly with no other care in the world. The whole purpose was getting to know each other and checking out how everyone styled their Lilly.  It was nothing short of amazing. 

The Colony Hotel

To start things off, people stayed at the Colony hotel, where most of the functions took place.  My friend, Courtney, and I didn’t stay at the hotel, but rather opted to stay with a family member nearby.  We registered at the famous Worth Avenue Lilly Pulitzer signature store. There, we got an amazing swag bag and got to meet each other.  I was especially excited to meet the founder of the The Pink Retreat, Tosha Williams.  She was so sweet, and you could tell how much work she had put into making everything perfect!   

“The most colorful girls weekend getaway in Palm Beach was created for women of all ages who love a colorful closet.” —-Tosha Williams 

I couldn’t agree more.  It was pink and perfect. 

Next, we had a historical walking tour of Worth Avenue with the famous Rick Rose. Check out his outfit! He was dressed in the most audacious Lilly Blazer!!! 

Photo Credit: Palm Beach Post 

After the sweat-filled tour, we were on our own to get ready for the cocktail party at the Colony Hotel pool.  This is where we had the most fun, in my opinion.  I got to meet so many of the Styling My Lilly group facebook friends that I only knew by their picture.  They all were so kind and full of life, and it made it so much easier to interact with them online when I had finally met them in person.  It was like we had known each other forever, and I felt connected and understood.   

The next day’s events were a painting party in which we all painted a lilly flamingo. See pic below! Side note: there was a raffle, and I WON A BEACH CHAIR!!! I never win anything, so that was pretty darn exciting!!! 

Afterwards, my friend Courtney and I headed over to the Palm Beach Sandals company, and bought some amazing new sandals. They actually had LEOPARD PRINT!!! BTW, they are so much better than Jacks. I don’t want to get in trouble for saying that, but trust me! 

We had to pop over to the Gardens mall and check out the Lilly store. They had an awesome selection and decor. Finally, we made our way over the the Breakers hotel for a tour.  We bought too much, ate too much, and it was fantastic! 

Update on the future Pink Retreat:

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the 2020 retreat was postponed. If you are interested in the 2021 retreat, check out the website:



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