Why Leopard & Lilly?

Leopard and LillyWell, duh!!! My absolute two favorite things are Leopard print and all things Lilly Pulitzer!  Growing up in South Florida, I always had an affinity towards fashion and styling.  I had told my mother that I wanted to go to Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC to further my education, but that’s not exactly what she had planned for me.  Where did I end up going—-wait for it——New York University College of Dentistry!!! Yes, that’s right, I am one of the most feared and hated people on the planet—- a dentist.  I would like to say “dentist by day, fashionista by night”.

So, while on a trip to West Palm Beach with my dear friend, Courtney, the name came to me like a strike of lightning, Leopard & Lilly,  and I immediately had to change my Instagram handle and make it official.   

One of the best things about fashion and styling is that there is a style to flatter EVERY body type out there!!! You just have to know your body and know what looks good and what doesn’t.  Period.  In a span of 20 years, I think I have been every size out there, going from 4/6 to 10/12, up to 14/16, now down to 10.  I believe that a lot of women get caught up in numbers and what actual size they wear, rather than how it looks. I personally don’t care about numbers.  I care more about appearance, and how it makes me feel when I wear it. 

Now, I really don’t have to explain my love for leopard print, because that is quite obvious because it’s perfect in every which way.  I do want to explain my love for Lilly Pulitzer.  In 2015, I gave birth to my amazing, spunky daughter, Simran, and it took me on a wild ride of exploring Lilly and all the mini matches.  I came to a conclusion.  Life is truly better in Lilly.  I feel good. I look good.  I emit an aura of fun and happiness to everyone around me.  People are more receptive to brighter colors. I absolutely love the prints. I’m pink obsessed….the list goes on and on.  Life is a party, and I do dress like it!!! Being happy never goes out of style!!! Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!!! 



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