Boho Sweaters – The Peacoat

Today we are going to talk about one of the most sought out _ba href=http_www.johnnywas.com_clothing_outerwear.html_Boho sweatersa – the Peacoat. Originally designed for Navy soldiers the style has been admired since the 19th century. The pea coat’s warmth and versatility has withstood the test of time. It began as a double breasted coat made from 30 oz of wool designed to keep soldiers warm yet looking tailored and professional. Today designers have updated the original idea while keeping the warmth and versatility a priority.

The pea coat or pea jacket rightfully brings to mind the vision of sailors on the docks as European navy sailors and merchants were the first to wear them. Navy Pea coats are normally short, heavy overcoats that are made from wool and navy blue in color. They include a set of eight anchor-inscribed buttons or eight large wooden buttons on the front. One column of buttons serves no purpose other than being decorative. Pea coats have broad lapels and vertical or slash pockets. The broad lapels were often pulled up around the sailor’s neck to keep them warm when the winds and water were whiing around on deck. Double-breasted pea coats are constructed for warmth by helping to retain body heat.

The name pea coat comes from either the Dutch or Frisian word pijjjakker or pijjecker, which pij refers to the type of coarse cloth that the jackets were made from. They were typically made from 30-ounce wool, which made them very warm. The term pea coat or pea jacket starting being used in the beginning of the eighteen century. By the nineteenth century, some called them pilot coats. The United States Navy began to use these wool overcoats early in the twentieth century. The pea coat goes by a few other names as well. It is known as a reefer jacket in Britain and is worn by members of the Royal Navy. In the Belgian Navy, the pea jacket is known as a pilot jacket.

Regardless of the terms used to describe it, pea coats are a classic, popular and versatile style of jacket worn by anyone including women. Women like to follow fashion trends, from jackets to coats we watch as styles come in and go out. It is often difficult to find staples that withstand the test of time and the ever changing trends of the day. The women’s peacoat is one of those staples that we can count on to remain a classy, stylish fashion without fear of being out dated.

Now made from 22-ounce to 32-ounce wool, they are still guaranteed for warmth. Pea coats now come in a variety of colors in addition to the tradional navy blue. For women these colors include red, brown, olive green, loden (grayish-green), and camel. Women’s pea coats come with six anchor style buttons, rather than the customary eight buttons. They are typically short in length.

You can now find women’s coats like this in numerous colors and shades, made from wool or tartan. The lengths vary from traditional to three quarter length and full length and are no longer just for wearing over your women’s suits. Now women can wear these coats over casual jeans, dress slacks and even over skirts. They can be belted, double or single breasted with features including removable liners making them great for all seasons.

The women’s pea coat has stood the test of time and continues to be a staple in women’s _ba href=http_www.squidoo.com_boho-sweaters-the-peacoat_boho sweatersa and outerwear. Women from all walks of life can be seen wearing pea coats. They add glamour, style, class and flexibility to any woman’s wardrobe. Their popularity will remain as the women’s peacoat has never been and will never be just a fashion trend_a href=http_www.articlesfactory.comimg src=http_www.articlesfactory.com_pic_x.gif alt=Free Reprint Articles border=0, but rather a fashion staple._br

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