Ways To Rock Boho Scarves

Boho scarves are the most flexible accessory for women. They come in a variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes, and this make them ideal for all seasons and events. The designs usually have earthly tones, ethnic or vintage. Boho  scarves have become so popular because they are both functional and fashionable all at once. They add flavor and style to almost any look that is lacking. And the thing I love the most about boho scarves is that, there are actually a thousands of way on how you can style it. You can wear it as a headpiece. Tied it at your skirt to give more layer and volume or simply tie it to your neck. Whatever style it is, it will surely give your loo a a unique edge. Below are my five fun, fashionable ways to wear your scarf_ Check them out because they are my favorite ways to wear scarves.

The Ascot Knot – the simplest way to tie_How to Tie__1. Drape the scarf around your neck with the same lengths on both sides.2. Take one end (A) and bring it towards the other end (B)3. Let (A) pass under( B)4. Wrap (A) over (B) and pull down.5. Adjust both ends equally.

The Bandana wrap_Type of scarf_ square_How to Tie__1. Fold the scarf in the shape of a triangle.2. Take the broad end and roll it towards the thin end.3. Roll halfway through the scarf.4. Drape the scarf over your shoulders and back.5. Make a simple knot at the front to finish off the look.

Gypsy -a comfortable informal head wrap style.How to Tie__1. Fold the scarf in the shape of a triangle.2. Wrap it around your head.3. Create a knot in the back and tuck in the ends.

The Waist Sash_How to Tie_

1. Roll the scarf from one end to the other.2. Push one end through the belt loops on whatever it is that you are wearing.3. Continue until the scarf has passed through all the loops.4. Adjust the scarf at the front to make both ends equal.5. Make a simple knot and let the ends hang loose.

The Neck Wrap – this style is very easy to create and works best to fill a bare neckline._How to Tie_

1. Fold the scarf into the shape of a triangle.2. Take the two ends of the scarf with both hands. The tip of the scarf should face downward.3. Place the scarf in front of the neck and bring both ends to the back of the neck.4. Bring both ends back toward the front. let them to hang over the shoulder freely.5. Tie a single knot and finish by tying a second knot.

So there you have it. My favorite ways to tie _a href=http_www.johnnywas.com_accessories_scarves.html_boho scarves. Before you go shoing for one, here is one tip for you.We all know that _a href=http_www.squidoo.com_ways-to-rock-boho-scarves_boho scarves design is so strong right_ So keep the rest simple when wearing a scarf. If you are wearing patterned or printed fabric, pick out a solid scarf. Conversely, if you are wearing solids, opt for a fun_a href=http_www.articlesfactory.comimg src=http_www.articlesfactory.com_pic_x.gif alt=Free Reprint Articles border=0, colorful scarf. Bigger scarves make more of a statement than a small scarf. Save skinny scarves for more fitted tops and jackets.p_

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