Cardigan Boho Sweaters Is A Must In Your Wardrobe

One of the reasons the cardigan boho sweaters has maintained popularity over the past century and a half is due to its extreme versatility. These _ba href=http_www.johnnywas.com_clothing_outerwear.html_Boho sweatersa can be worn alone, layered, belted, or with leggings. The possibilities are endless. Whatever style of clothing you prefer, the cardigan sweater is a good fit.

One of the most common ways a cardigan sweater can be worn is as a basic top. The cardigan is identified as either buttoning, ziing, or tying in the front. If worn secured, the cardigan can be worn alone. The sweater comes in a variety of styles, some casual and some formal. Short sleeved or sleeveless cardigans are the perfect choice for spring or summer wear paired with a pant or skirt._br Another popular way to wear a cardigan sweater is layered over another shirt or top. It is perfect for those situations where extra warmth is needed without the extra bulk of a jacket, coat, or other type of outerwear. The cardigan is especially suitable for school or office situations where the temperature may change throughout the day and the wearer does not have the option to adjust the thermostat to suit their own personal needs.

If you have a cardigan in your wardrobe, you may want to mix up the look a little. An easy way to accomplish this is by adding a belt over the sweater. This works best when the cardigan is hip length or a little longer. Adding a contrasting belt gives a basic cardigan a more formal and suited look. Pair the ensemble with a coordinating necklace to add even more pizzazz._br Another popular way to wear a cardigan is over leggings. This works best with longer, tunic styles of cardigans. To keep a sleek and slimming look, stick to bottoms with a narrow profile. Stretch leggings, cigarette pants, and riding style pants are all styles that look fabulous paired with a longer cardigan on top.

Regardless of your lifestyle, cardigan _ba href=http_www.squidoo.com_cardigan-boho-sweaters-is-a-must-in-your-wardrobe_Boho sweatersa are excellent basic piece to make up one of your wardrobe staples. Cardigan boho sweaters can be worn in many different ways and are suitable for a variety of social situations. Investing wisely in your choice will allow you to wear the cardigan in a variety of ways. They can be worn alone as a top, layered as a light jacket_a href=http_www.articlesfactory.com_articles_health.htmlimg src=http_www.articlesfactory.com_pic_x.gif alt=Health Fitness Articles border=0, and belted or over leggings to change up the look._br _p class=txt-small-regular_ Article Tags_ _a href=http_www.articlesfactory.com_search_Cardigan+Boho+Sweaters_ class=right-link_Cardigan Boho Sweatersa_, _a href=http_www.articlesfactory.com_search_Cardigan+Boho_ class=right-link_Cardigan Bohoa_, _a href=http_www.articlesfactory.com_search_Boho+Sweaters_ class=right-link_Boho Sweatersa_, _a href=http_www.articlesfactory.com_search_Worn+Alone_ class=right-link_Worn Alonea_, _a href=http_www.articlesfactory.com_search_Cardigan+Sweater_ class=right-link_Cardigan Sweatera_ p_

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