Types of Boho Jewelry You Can Wear

The Bohemian look or Boho for short is a look that drawn styles from earthly things and native peoplw from around the globe. Remember the fashion style on the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s_ The era of flower children, the boho look is like that style. With layered clothing, free flow comfortable fabrics and accessories made from natural materials, the Boho look is making its comeback nowadays.

Celebrities and fashion designers had been seen rocking that boho look. The boho blouse, pants, skirts and more importantly – Boho jewelry. They say that a boho look isn’t complete without boho accessories and yes that’s true. Nothing defines Boho style quite like Boho jewelry. Pile on bracelets and cuffs, rings and strands of necklaces all with artisanal and global touches, you’ll look like you just returned from combing markets in far flung locales. Boho accessories pair well with a maxi dress, or with denim shorts and a cotton blouse, or anything loose and comfy like a cotton tunic.

One thing to remember though when wearing boho jewelries – the key is on the mixing and stacking. Don’t be afraid to mix, so dont match your jewelry like a synchronize swimming team. Boho lets you put styles together in any way that feels good to you. Here are some of my favorite types of boho jewelry.

Wood and Horn – Wooden, horn- and wood-effect pieces are earthy and rustic and shouts out Boho. It is one of the most sought out Boho jewelry. Look for Studding and metal embellishment that plays up the rich brown hues.

Woven – Woven pieces like straw hats, wooden bracelets and metal cuffs look artisanal and rustic and is perfect for a country chic that wants the element of comfort and sexy.

Seed Beads – Colourful strands of beads are perfect for those who don’t like bangles sliding around their arms, and a multi-strand necklace can give coverage to summer dress decolletage.

Filigree – Filigree pieces, with their careful hatching, embellished with stones and in warm metals, catch the sunlight beautifully.

Hammered metal – These hammered metal pieces are as about as classic as boho jewelry gets.

Turquoise – Any semi-precious stone can be a Boho jewelry. Like stalactites, rhinestones and more. But for this summer, turquoise stones_a href=http_www.articlesfactory.comimg src=http_www.articlesfactory.com_pic_x.gif alt=Find Article border=0, stand out.  Turquoise is a classic and looks amazing mixed in with wooden pieces.

So which style of boho accessories do you like the most_ I know it’s hard to choose. I myself cant decide at times. One thing is for sure though. You can find all these types of boho jewelry at Johnny Was. Johnny Was is the best brand when it comes to the boho look. So visit them today._br

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